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Golf Fitness

Picture courtesy of mytpi.com
Picture courtesy of mytpi.com

How long does it take you to get loose on the range? Have you ever been playing well, only to run out of energy on the last few holes? My best advice is to incorporate more intentional exercise into your daily routine. There are even golf specific fitness programs available.

If you’re just starting and a little intimidated about working out, start with a low intensity activity like walking or biking. You can make it more challenging by walking hills too. Ideally you want your pace fast enough to where it’s difficult to speak a full sentence without getting short of breath. Cardio-respiratory exercise, aka “cardio,” will help your endurance on the golf course, specifically, at the end of your round.

What about weight training? If I want to hit the ball further, I need to do weight training right? Well, that’s a complicated answer. Eventually, yes, you will need to incorporate weight training, but first you need to work on maximizing your body’s potential. If your golf professional is asking you to turn into your hip, and you don’t have the mobility to do so, it won’t matter how strong you are. Check out mytpi.com. There are drills and exercises designed to target specific swing flaws and physical limitations. If you’re really looking to take your game to the next level, use the “find an expert” link to locate a TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Certified instructor near you. He/she will put you through a series of tests to pin point your weakest areas among balance, flexibility, mobility, stability, and strength. An individualized fitness plan is typically generated for you to complete on your own in conjunction with golf lessons.

Yoga. If you do just one thing make it this. Yoga incorporates so many skills related to golf, I can’t recommend it enough! While practicing yoga you’ll be working on your core strength, upper body strength, lower body strength, balance, stability, mobility, flexibility, and proper breathing. Heed this warning: Yoga is more than just stretching and you’ll be shocked at how sore you are afterwards. Make sure to drink lots of water afterwards to help prevent excessive soreness.

Good luck in your golf fitness journey, and remember that doing something is better than nothing. Everyone started as a beginner at one point. Jump in and have fun with it!

Fairways and Greens,
Coach Rachael

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  1. It is very important to be fit. Not only for the golf but also for the all kind of game. Thanks for the post. Very useful tips here.

  2. A golfer must be needed to keep fitness first.losing fitness makes hamper to achieve the goal.
    Thanks Author, you discuss so valuable tropics.
    Keep sharing.

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